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Special Health Packages

Premium Fever Package

Dengue-Chikunguniya Multiplex RT PCR

Cost Price : Rs.2300.00/- Special Price : Rs.2000.00/-

Monsoon Fever Package

Malaria-Leptospira Multiplex PCR

Cost Price : Rs.2300.00/- Special Price : Rs.2000.00/-

Fever Detect Comprehensive

Dengue-Chikunguniya RT PCR,
Malaria-Leptospira-Typhoid PCR, 
Dengue igM, Chikunguniya igM, 
Leptospira igM, MP Smear, Rapid Typhoid

Cost Price : Rs.6210.00/- Special Price : Rs.5400.00/-

Who We Are

N V Health Care Private Limited has created this online portal named Mediline with a dream that every Indian gets to access the best possible health care services at your doorstep that too at an affordable prices and 24X7. This is specially helpful for elderly, bed ridden patients for whom it is difficult to reach the hospital. No prolonged line and no waiting period.

We intend to be a one stop healthcare hub that would bring all members on a single platform which would enable our customers with a seamless health care experience. In short we aim at making Healthcare delivery simple, accessible and affordable. You can also buy medicines from any corner of the city in mumbai - with just a few clicks of the mouse.We make a wide range of prescription medicines and other health products conveniently available across Mumbai.

Why Choose Us

Emergency Care Of Your Home

Sometimes events can happen so fast that families are left wondering how they will cope. Whether there’s been an accident or a sudden illness, we provide all possible emergency care at your home by our trained staff available 24x7 by saving the time of travelling. Doctors / Nurses / Brothers all will be available 24x7.


Knowing what to expect during and after a medical procedure can help you prepare, whether you go to hospital or to an outpatient clinic. We do all the possible procedures at your home like folleys catheterization. Ryles Tubes insertion by our well experienced staff to ensure quality care and successful recovery. .

Diagnostics At Your Home

For many people, the idea of spending long hours in a lab or hospital may sound demotivating. Many people also avoid going for preventive screenings and lab tests as they dread battling city traffic. Our healthcare specialists arrives at your doorstep and collects all types of blood test samples / urine test & all other at your home.

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For any emergency, contact us 24x7.
We will be there within minutes at your door step.
Call : +91 8454 8454 38 / 8454 8454 48
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